Increasing EPC

Since 2018 for new tenancies and 2020 for existing tenancies, the Domestic Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard means a property needs to have an EPC of at least an E to be let out.

This entire scheme is devoted to increasing EPCs of existing dwellings.

The scheme allows for us to install First Time Central Heating systems for tenants – which drastically increases the EPC scores. Our minimum requirement for electric properties will be a final EPC of a D – which meets the requirements for all Landlords.

Protect You From Any Fines

It has recently been announced that by 2025, any newly rented properties will need a rating of at least a C . Through both new Central Heating Systems and insulation (loft, wall etc), we can protect you from any fines coming into play, by meeting this minimum requirement, before 2025 regulations are implemented.
The benefits to tenants is the drastic saving in energy bills – particularly pertinent given the current energy market. 

Works To Qualify

All works are fully funded, tenants must simply receive one of the approved benefits, or earn under 31k gross income and live in one of the authorised Council areas.

For the works to qualify, the property must have had gas at the property prior to 01.04.22. Where no gas meter is present, funding is available early 2023 for Air Source Heat Pumps